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Topic: Macs Cold Air (Read 2969 times)

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Re: Macs Cold Air
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True enough.  If it were not for the other issues I was experiencing I would have kept it on there.  For me and how i use the vehicle, relaibility is the number one concern... should have kept that in mind as I took an integral part of the engine system to an aftermarket part... I will keep the engine stock from this point forward... I will... I will... I will... I will... I will...

Je Suis Prest!  Semper Fi...

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Re: Macs Cold Air
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These days, the official reason for switching to cowl induction is because of all the added room it created under the hood. The York is almost done. And it will get plumbed into the cold air intake, because I can.

Next we can discuss 4 ports. Been there, done that. :)
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Re: Macs Cold Air
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Mmm York!
Can't fix stoopid!

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Re: Macs Cold Air
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I averaged two to four miles per gallon more per gallon over a 7500 mile trip to Utah and back.