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Topic:'s June/July Giveaway! (Read 1878 times)

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  • Neutral Evil's June/July Giveaway!

Due to extensive forum upgrayedding last month we had to skip out on our usual giveaway...but we're back this month, albeit slightly late!  In exchange for being late, we're going to give away what you see in the following picture!

Pictured: That's right, kids...the Department of Happiness has repossessed Beasley's LJ!

Actually, that's a lie: we decided that we really just couldn't give away Beasley's LJ after he managed to freezerbeete the paint off of his rear diff cover when last he went wheeling.  Believe it or not, we're actually giving away something that's not nearly as beete-up as the LJ...

Pictured: ...and that "something" is a METALLIC SMURF BLUE FOUR-DOOR JK!

Please tell us that you didn't fall for that.  I mean, seriously, it's well-known that we at the Department of Happiness have exactly one use for a JKU, and that one use is officially termed "Trebuchet Target" in the Department of Happiness' Manual of Questionable Conduct...and since we're not giving away a trebuchet - ...yet... - we don't have any reason to give away a JKU.  In actuality, the prize is far more useful than a JKU.

Pictured: It's an elementary school license plate AND a Jeep-shaped minivan!  Now you can haul your kids in style!  Huzzah!

Fun Fact: Rule 5,238 in the Department of Happiness' Manual of Questionable Conduct states that "Jeeps should not be painted in any shade of semi-metallic burgundy due to said color being best displayed on a late-model Cadillac Brougham and thus becoming accordingly inferior when applied to any other automotive surface."  However, the first person that sends $5 to the Department of Happiness Charitable Fund for The Propagation of Widows and Orphans (c/o Dave P. Bonzo) will get that license plate.  Also, speaking of orphans, I'm reminded of the actual giveaway:

Pictured: An orphaned baby monkey!  Fire up your ovens, boys and girls, because IT COULD BE YOURS!

 As if! >:(

Like we'd give away a stuffed monkey!  I mean, for realsies...any monkey we give away will be exceptionally pre-killed.  The real giveaway, however, is even better:

Pictured: Another slick and unique old-school creation.  [thumbsup]

I honestly didn't think that we'd get to give away another knife and/or handmade creation so soon...but I've been wrong* in the past and will probably be wrong again at least once or twice in the future.  However, this time I don't have to be insanely jealous of whomsoever wins the prize, because after the last giveaway I bought an Oldschool of my very own...and I can tell you from firsthand experience that these knives are very good.  They balance well, they feel awesome in the hands thanks to their organic and flowing handle shapes, they're solidly build and they're as sharp as flaked obsidian.  Even better, they sharpen well and easily and they hold their edges for a long time.  Care is simple: touch up the edge and keep a bit of oil on the blade and it'll be in fighting trim for years to come...and if I had any sort of in-focus close-up pictures (and I'm not going to blame anyone for the lack of those pictures, but IT'S BEASLEY'S FAULT) I'd post one so that everyone can see how nice these blades look; the patina on every one is both unique and beautiful.  Whomsoever gets this one will appreciate it.  [thumbsup] does one enter this time around?  Good question!  Since this is a rather unique and creative knife, we're going to make people be a tiny bit creative in order to enter: TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEXT UPCOMING WHEELING/CAMPING/EXPLORING/OVERLANDING/JEEP-WRECKING ADVENTURE.  No points will be awarded for creative writing, but you just might talk a few people into joining you...and if you're the lucky winner of this knife you'll get to gloat about having something awesome that they don't have (and that's always fun).

Since we're posting this a day or two late (again, no names, but IT'S BEASLEY'S FAULT) we're going to start accepting valid entries as soon as I click "Post" and quit accepting them...oh, let's give it until 8:00 on August 1st.  I'll draw a winner one hour later!  Best of luck to those that enter, and many thanks to the man that provided the prize!  [rockon]

* - R2 has been known to make mistakes...from time to time.

Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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I love the R2 footnote. I am a lucky owner of an oldschool blade....well Jenny is. I can tell you the quality is nothing short of awesome. Good luck to you all.
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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8/11-14/2016 and this is what I'm talking about, "The Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival is an annual celebration of overland travel, and a gathering of adventurers to hit the trails, gain knowledge about the practice of overlanding, and share expedition stories around the campfire."  The Kid and I will be attending this 2 weeks from now, only 4 hours from home, so, how could I say no,  Well I CAN'T ;D  but, it would be cool to pop the top of a cider with this knife, while sitting around said campfire.  [thumbsup]

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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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R2 and Sundowner can be wrong together because I totally stole the Old School knife, so, no, Sundowner doesn't happen to have such a knife...  ;D
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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I too have an Oldschool original... Very nice peice!
I'm opting out on this beings I won the machete a few months ago... At least I think I did🙊 Get well Beaze!
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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I've got several little camping trips on the radar, just fun shindigs with friends.

My next "wheelin" trip will be the Houston chapter of TX4wd fall run out at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area  if you happen to be in the Houston or Dallas areas, check it out! It is always a great time!

BUT the item I am currently the most excited about is waaaaaaaaay out on my radar... Me and somefriends have just now started talking about it... All I have right now is the date.... August 21, 2017, and a location... sort of... The location is a strip of land 70 miles long, and runs from the Oregon coast through South Carolina. 

On that day anyone in this path ( will experience the totality of a solar eclipse!

I'm planning on making it a big camping/wheeling/road trip over a couple weeks.  Hopefully finding a cool place that's not packed with other people to watch the eclipse from.

any of you east coasters have suggestions on viewing locations for that side of the country?

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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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Not entering, but there's something about that monkey with a knife that scares me...
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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Not too much on the jeep front, as i want to knock out a few mods before i hit raush again, but i am trying to squeeze in a little bit of backpacking with my dad before i go back to school.
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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When ever @Rainman77 gets his butt down here we shall do thangs and maybe hit gulches off-road park. A few friends and I are really wanting to hit Uwharrie again. Probly the end of August. Most likely camping out on the trail too.
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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Other than the trip I went on a week ago, I don't have a lot going on. Mostly saving up to get some things sorted out on the Jeep. I hope to plan another camping/wheeling trip early September to an area in the Mendocino National Forest that I've been wanting to explore, Plaskett Meadows.
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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The college group from my church is going camping in the Adirondacks next weekend. Hopefully we will climb Giant Mountain and do some kayaking. It should be a good time. I'm also trying to get down to @jrainman13 's place the weekend after that. That'll most likely involve some sort of camping as well. We shall see how things turn out
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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Next Venture Motorsports and Wildcat Off-road is going to the Rubicon next Sunday. We'll be product testing and having a great time! We're just missing the Jeepers Jamboree, so it should hopefully be quiet after they're done. A knife like this would be nice to have with us!

Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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 I'm following suit with a lot of repairs and upgrades so I don't have any trips in the near future. Boo
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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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 We will include band aids for the winnar  ;D


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Re:'s June/July Giveaway!
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Next Venture Motorsports and Wildcat Off-road is going to the Rubicon next Sunday. We'll be product testing and having a great time! We're just missing the Jeepers Jamboree, so it should hopefully be quiet after they're done. A knife like this would be nice to have with us!
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Hopefully the trail isnt trashed from the jamboree!
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