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Topic: Washita NYD Moonlight Racing day after (Read 74 times)

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Washita NYD Moonlight Racing day after
Washita in Farmington MO will be open for open wheeling on NYD this year.  There are 25 Jeeps registered, but more usually show up day of.  No trail guides, just hop in a group. 

33s, lockers, skids are minimum for here.

The next day we are wheeling at Moonlight Racing in Sullivan MO.  The bouncers should all be gone by then.  Good mixture of Jeeps from extreme to stock from Kentucky are coming. 

Figured I would post it up

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Re: Washita NYD Moonlight Racing day after
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Bump.  Anyone local coming out to Washita?  Gates close at 10:00 am so be there and unloaded before that.